Bengaluru: IPS Arun Rangarajan has put himself in a sit-in protest outside his former wife's house as she denied him the opportunity to meet his daughter.  He began the protest on February 9. Arun currently works as a superintendent of police in Kalaburagi police's internal security division.

He accused his wife, a DCP rank officer, of not letting him see their two children.

IPS Arun Rangarajan told media that he got married a few years ago and that they had a child when they were posted in Chhattisgarh. He said his ex-wife wanted to shift to Karnataka, which led to a misunderstanding between them, following which the woman officer applied for divorce.

Even during the proceedings of the divorce, the couple started living together again and had their second child. Their relationship meanwhile worsened, and the two separated again. The IPS officer claimed that it was after the second separation that he was not allowed to meet his children.

Many officers rushed to Vasanth Nagar to pacify the IPS officer, but he said he would continue to protest until he is allowed to meet his children.