Business tycoon Sanjay Jindal of Jindal Drugs Private Limited has sued St Regis hotel in South Mumbai for serving Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) instead of imported booze at a party last month. 


Jindal wanted to teach this five-star hotel a lesson and thus he has taken them to court. He has also asked for a written apology and ₹ 8 lakh compensation, which should be paid directly to charity. The hotel even apologised but the industrialist was not satisfied with that.


According to the suit filed through advocate Vivek Kantawala, the business tycoon had already made an advance payment of ₹ 4 lakh for the party at Luna Nudo Night Club. The invitees included eminent industrialists, race-horse owners, polo and race regulars. Jindal had even spoken to the general manager about this party and strictly asked them to serve foreign liquors only. 

However, during the party, some of the guests complained to Jindal that the bartenders were serving Indian vodkas instead of foreign ones.


“I could see that Belvedere vodka bottles were not even stocked in enough quantity to cater to the requirements of the invitees. This was an act of cheating,” Jindal mentioned in his suit he filed.