You may dream about becoming king of the world but this Indian man, Suyash Dixit, actually declared himself king of an unclaimed 2,000 sq km land in northern Africa between Egypt and Sudan.

Hailing from Indore, the 24-year-old businessman travelled hundreds of miles to Bir Tawil, the only place on Earth where humans can live and survive that is not a part of any state or country, and declared it his own.

“I, Suyash Dixit, first of my name and the protector of the realm, declare myself as the king of “Kingdom of Dixit”. I call myself, King Suyash First from today. I declare this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil as my country from now to the eternity of time. I pledge to continue to work for the prosperity of my people of the country and this motherland,” he wrote in a Facebook post.


In fact, his online petition to the United Nations seeking recognition of his claim has found 800 supporters, and counting.

Suyash, CEO of tech firm Softinator, was travelling to Cairo for a software developers' conference at the beginning of November when he read about Bir Tawil. That is when he decided to stake claim to the land.

"I traveled 319KM (to and fro) in far desert with no roads to claim this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil. This 800 sq.miles of land belongs to no country. It is the only place on earth where humans can live and survive but is not a part of any state/country. Following the early civilization ethics and rule, if you want to claim a land then you need to grow crops on it. I have added a seed and poured some water on it today. It is mine," he wrote in his Facebook proclamation.

Photo credits: Wendover Productions / YouTube

But the ordeal he had to go through and the risks he had to take would make any other man give up on the idea. "Just to tell how dangerous this plan was, the route that I took is under Egyptian military (it is an international border) and is an area of terrorists so military have a “shoot at sight” orders. But, if your bucket list ideas are not scary enough then they are not worth trying! And yes you need permissions to even enter the route that takes to this place. We got on 3 conditions, no photos of military areas (which is almost everything), you be back in the single day and you do not carry valuables,” he wrote in the post.

His parents were super angry with him for taking this dangerous trip. But their anger did not last long when he declared his father the President of the country.

He is now waiting for a reply from the United Nations recognizing his kingdom.