Delhi doctors seem to be standing with their Maharashtra counterparts. Around 1200 doctors in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) came in to the hospital with helmets. This is a drive to emphasize the #SaveTheSaviours campaign, through which the doctors are demanding a safe environment for them.  


"We, resident doctors at AIIMS are forced to work with helmets in the emergency department as we don't want to lose our vision and life. Prevention is better than cure," Dr Vijay Gurjar, president of the resident doctors’ association at AIIMS was quoted as saying by Huffington Post.


The doctors in Maharashtra did not turn up for their duties on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the state government had issued a circular stating if these doctors did not turn up for their duties by 8 am on Wednesday; they would lose at least six months’ salary.


This sudden strike of doctors in Maharashtra has left the patients in distress. But because of these attacks the doctors are reluctant to rejoin their duties.