In a dramatic turn of events at marriage, a guest ended up tying the knot after the groom fled the wedding hall as his girlfriend threatened to end life.

The incident was reported from Tarikere in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka.

As per reports, Chandrappa, an employee of Bengaluru Metropolitan Transportation Corporation along with family had arrived to witness the wedding, as the drama started to unfold following Naveen with whom the marriage was fixed fled from the wedding hall.

Naveen was in love with another girl and after his girlfriend threatened to consume poison in front of the wedding hall, Naveen escaped on the pretext of attending a phone call.

Sindhu, the bride and her family were in shock and were clueless about what to do next.

As hundreds of guests had arrived, the family then decided to arrange her wedding with Naveen's brother. But Sindhu was unwilling and kept weeping.

Seeing the family in tension, Chandrappa volunteered to tie the knot. Both the families agreed and the wedding ended on a happy note.