Agitated over stolen buffaloes, three farmers killed a man a week ago. The accused N. Chandraiah, N. Krishnaiah and N. Parvatalu were all relatives of Nakka Mahesh whom they killed as he stole their buffaloes. Mahesh did set them free, but without the knowledge of his relatives. It was too late by the time the trio came to know about it.

Mahesh had left for the fields on Wednesday night never to return. Scared, his wife Manjula, lodged a complaint with the police. His body was later found in the fields on Sunday.

Mahesh had gone to the fields to drink with the trio and some of his friends. When his friends left, the trio hatched a plan and attacked him with a stick. Mahesh died on the spot. When the police nabbed the trio, they confessed of the murder. They have been arrested and remanded.