A female freelance journalist is battling for her life after she was attacked by unidentified person while taking her evening walk in northwest Delhi on April 5. 45-year-old, Aparna Kalra, suffered severe brain injuries in the attack that took place in a public park in Ashok Nagar.


Kalra was found by local residents late in the after in a pool of blood and unconscious who took her to a hospital. She is admitted to Fortis Hospital and receiving treatment. As of now, there is no eye witness of the incident. 


The attack caused multiple injuries in her brain nerves, the Hindustan Times quoted her uncle, HC Bhatia, as saying. The doctors have said that she condition is stable and she is able to speak. However, blood clot has been detected in Kalra’s brain, the report stated. 


The police have registered an attempt to murder case, and they are suspecting that the attackers used iron rods. However, as of now, there is no possible suspect as no eye witness has come forward yet.


Kalra’s family said that she left for the public park adjacent to the family home like most of the days at around 6:15 pm and then after almost an hour her sister got a call from police informing that Kalra is admitted in Deep Chand Hospital, the report stated.


Later, that same night Kalra was shifted to Fortis Hospital with frontal-lobe fractures in skull. The doctors in Fortis conducted an emergency surgery to remove fluid from her brain cavities. 


Initially, the family was suspecting robbery attempt, but she was not carrying any valuable while going for her usual walk. In fact, she wasn’t even carrying her phone with her, the family confirmed.