Death in the Dera: Bhakt kills himself; Rahim, Honeypreet lives at risk

First Published 9, Sep 2017, 4:06 PM IST
Death in the Dera  Bhakt kills himself Rahim Honeypreet lives at risk
  • Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim is under threat in jail as convicts and fellow inmates plan to kill him.
  • His adopted daughter Honeypreet Singh is absconding and conspiracy theories are brewing up pertaining to that.
  • Meanwhile, a Dera follower commits suicide out of shame and depression due to loss of money in MSG project.

The ill-famed self-styled Godman continues to be in news even after his conviction and arrest weeks ago. From rape charges to murder allegations, Ram Rahim's case continues to draw public ire. However, this time he is news for a more serious reason. 

A jailed inmate of the godman said that prisoners will kill him if he was found without police protection. Somu Pandit, who was with the godman in the same cell, said that the prisoners are extremely angry with the convicted godman. Speaking to the media, he said, "Ram Rahim Singh would be killed by inmates if left alone without security, such anger is against him."

While Pandit is out on bail, he reportedly said how Singh wailed when he was put behind bars. He allegedly said, "Main kitta ki hai, mera ki kasoor hai (What have I done, what is my fault)". Pandit also confirmed that no VIP treatment was given to Ram Rahim by the jail officials.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of Gurmeet Ram Rahim's adopted daughter Honeypreet Singh is raising many eyebrows. Post her failed attempt to plot the escape of Ram Rahim from jail, she is herself said to be absconding. The fact that she had mentioned herself as the successor of the Dera premises on social media prior to her disappearance raise many conspiracy theories. While there are possibilities that she may have exited the country for the fear of being caught
or being killed, there are also possibilities they she may have been killed. After all, it needs to be understood that she was the closest confidante of the godman and that she knew about a lot of secrets. Needless to say, death looms largely on her as there are high chances that she may have even been exterminated either by the Dera followers. 

Dera follower commits suicide for lost investment in MSG

Another aspect of the Ram Rahim story is slowly unravelling with the suicide of one of his followers in Balkara village in Charki Dadri. Shocked at the great loss he had encountered from crores of investment in the MSG resort, a 47-year-old man of Charkhi Dadri district of Hharyana killed himself on Friday. 

The man was also distressed over the fact that he was being mocked at by the villagers for being associated with the rapist godman. Sombir Kumar, the victim, is said to have committed suicide by jumping in a village well. Sombir had allegedly sold off his paternal properties, on the insistence of his sons and daughters, to get money to invest in the doomed project. According to his son, Lalit Kumar, his father had sold off 32 acres of land he owned in Balkara village to invest Rs 3 crore in MSG resort. 

Meanwhile, Darshan Kumar, Bhangi Dass of Dera Sacha Sauda in Charki Dadri said, "Sombir had three sons and two daughters. They lived in an apartment in the DSS campus. The sons were security guards in the campus. The girls were in the personal security of Ram Rahim. They were given 10 percent profit share in MSG resort."

Stating that his father was a simple man and was a regular visitor to the Dera, his son Lalit said, "After investing Rs 3 crore in MSG resort, he spent the rest of what was left of the money in constructing a house in Balkara. He gave loans worth a crore to some villagers."

Narrating the sequence of events, Lalit said that his father had stopped talking or meeting with anyone after the Dera chief was arrested. He said that his father was upset because everybody was laughing at his expense for losing his money to the 'Dhongi Baba'. The villagers were, in fact, questioning the chastity of his daughters who lived in the DSS campus of Sirsa. 

When he went missing on Thursday, Lalit Kumar filed a missing complaint with the Charkhi Dadri police under Section 346 of IPC. In the meantime, the villagers and Sombir's family mounted a search and they found his body in the village well. The death is further being investigated.