Dear Mr Thackeray,

first of all welcome to the Facebook generation (oops, sorry you already belonged to it, didn't you?). It's just a new birth in the social media platform....your new official facebook id, we meant.  bhai bade log badi baatein. We understand that you have taken cue from the Southern States and vowed to use nothing but the 'matru bhasha', but think of it again, 90% of the population in India does not know Marathi. So, your FB trolls against the government reaches only the 10% native speakers. What's the use?

Speaking of trolls, you just mentioned that the government is planning to take credit for bringing back the 'renowned' gangster, if at all it was successful in doing so. Well, Steven Spielberg had taken credit for 'taming' the dianosaurs in the the Hollywood Block Bluster 'Jurassic Park'; Harry Potter was credited for killing the 'one who should not be named' Volemont, so why deprive our government of the credit if it brought back the most wanted in the 'Most Wanted List'? (i.e, if your claims hold any truth). 

You know what? The feeling of Dawood coming back to India and 'negotiating' with the Centre gives us a superior feeling. It really feels great to visualise the mastermind behind the gruesome 1993 Mumbai blasts that claimed 260 lives, kneeling in humble submission to the country, which it had bludgeoned. We wish that the day arrives soon when we see him behind bars and sentenced to death.

But, given the trend since 2013 (during the Congress regime) when the gangster had first shown interest in returning to India to face trial, the news you are breaking now could be a similar stunt. By the way, you never said anything when the Congress government broke the news then? Incidentally, the offer to come back was discussed by the then PM Manmohan Singh and Shivshankar Menon, the then National Security Advisor. However, their election stunt (if we may say so) did not work for them.

High chances are, this time too we will be disappointed. But what is Modi does keep his poll promise? What if Dawood is really back to face the Indians this time? In fact, we wouldn't mind giving credit to anyone who brought him back, even if it was you.

So, our advise to you. Sit back, relax, wait and watch. Who knows, even this government may fail to bring him back and your prediction may ultimately fall apart! So, let's not waste time in the BJP government's strategy ahead of the 2019 polls and concentrate on the 'Jatiatavad' and language exclusivity that we have been fighting for. Oh yes, all the best for your cartoons. Just ensure that you do not read too much in between the lines. That way, the humor and the fun gets lost. Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra! 

(P.S: Just FYI, the tag line of your FB site is in English.)


Your well-wishers