Mumbai: Burglars wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) kits broke into a jewellery shop in Satara district in Maharashtra and walked away with 780 gm gold, police said on Tuesday (July 7).

CCTV footage from the shop, located in Phaltan area, shows the burglars taking the gold jewellery from the showcases and cupboards within, police said.

The footage of the two-day-old incident during the coronavirus-induced lockdown shows the burglars wearing caps, masks, plastic jackets and hand gloves taking the jewellery from the display cases.

A case has been registered at the Phaltan Police station after a complaint by the jewellery shop owner, who said the burglars took away 78 'tola' (one tola is 10 gm) gold, police said.

The shop owner said the burglars broke in through the shop wall, according to police.