Balochistan Republican Party founder, Brahumdagh Bugti, who formed the party to fight against the violations of Pakistan in the Baloch region, has said in an interview to Times Now that he wishes to move to India. 


However, Indian government authorities have not taken any decision in this regard.

Earlier this month a Pakistani news channel, GEO News, reported that Bugti would be granted Indian citizenship along with his two other associates, Sher Muhammad Bugti and Azizullah Bugti. 


However, the decision is still pending. 


The report also mentioned that the negotiations were not a result of Prime Minister Modi’s official allegations of Pakistan's alleged violations in Balochistan.


A report quoted Balochi leaders saying, "We will use Indian papers to travel around the world to campaign against Pakistan and to highlight our case. We have openly thanked Narendra Modi for his support, and we are no more hiding anything."

Bugati had fled after his grandfather, nationalist leader Akbar Khan Bugti, was killed in 2006 and had also blamed Pakistani authorities for putting pressure on the Swiss Government to deny his request for citizenship.

"If I ever get a chance to move to India, I will definitely go there for my people," Brahumdagh Bugti told ANI.