Chennai: Superstar Rajinikanth backed Modi government in relation to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and said the new Act is no threat to Indian Muslims. He had also questioned how the Muslims in the country will be thrown out.

However, he faced opposition from the Muslim outfits and has now decided to reach out to Muslim groups especially the clerics to clear his stand on backing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Population Register (NPR).  

Thalaivar is expected to meet the Muslim clerics next week and hold talks with them regarding the statements he made about CAA and NPR.

On February 26, while Delhi was burning due to CAA clashes, Rajinikanth had reacted to the riots in the national capital. He told reporters, "When the US president is here, there can't be violence like this. It is an intelligence failure and the home ministry too has failed in addressing this burning issue."

When asked about the violent protests, Rajini said protests can happen peacefully but cannot proceed in the path of violence. "And if violence breaks out, it should be dealt with iron hands."

Rajinikanth also pointed out as to how senior journalists try to paint him as a BJP person. He however said that he would only speak what he thinks is right.

Throwing weight behind the newly enacted CAA, superstar Rajinikanth on February 5 had defended Modi-led government saying the law will not affect Muslims even as he wondered how Muslims who chose to stay back in India following partition are sent out of the country.

"Citizenship Amendment Act will not affect any citizen of our country. If it affects Muslims, then I will be the first person to stand up for them," Rajinikanth said on February 5. "How will Muslims who chose to stay back in India following partition be sent out of the country?" Rajini had said.

Rajini had also spoken in favour of the NPR and called it a necessity.

"NPR is a necessity to find out about the outsiders. It has been clarified that NRC has not been formulated yet," Rajinikanth had said. The superstar also accused some political parties of instigating people against CAA for their selfish interests.

Alleging that some political parties were instigating people against CAA for their selfish interests, he had also blamed religious leaders for supporting protests opposing the law and dubbed it "very wrong". Backing the National Population Register exercise, he said the drive is "very, very essential," and added that the Congress-led government had done it in the past.