Chandigarh: After  18 hours of rescue mission, the body of 5-year-old girl, who fell into the borewell, was pulled out by rescuers. The girl fell into a 50-feet-deep borewell while playing in the fields on Sunday  (November 3). The borewell belongs to her family.

According to sources, the body of the child was pulled out from the borewell by the rescuers, and the minor was rushed to the Civil Hospital in Karnal, Haryana, where doctors declared her brought dead. 

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Oxygen was supplied inside the borewell and rescuers used a camera to check on the child through which they saw her foot. In the hope that the child could be alive, an audio recording of her parents' voice was also played to give her a sense of security, but she was declared dead. 

In a similar incident, on October 25, a two-year-old boy Sujith fell into a borewell while playing near his house at about 5:30 pm in Tamil Nadu. Later, he slipped further down into the borewell, with an official stating that Wilson was stuck at a depth of 88 feet. After 80 hours, he was found dead in the wee hours.