Sadhvi Kamal met Vipin Kumar, a cow vigilant, who was accused of brutally assaulting dairy farmer Pehlu Khan on April 1. Vipin has been arrested based on the footage circulating in the social media and was not mentioned in the FIR prepared based on Khan’s statement before he died.

In the video shared by the Hindustan Times, after blessing Vipin Kumar, Sadhvi who prefers to be called as ‘didi’ (sister) patted his back and said, “The entire nation is with you. You are just like Bhagat Singh or Azad or Sukhdev. If we do not do such things in our country, who else will do,” Kamal told Vipin.

She further asked if they were being provided proper food and other facilities. You have done nothing wrong. Do not worry. After some days such developments will take place that people wouldn’t even have thought of it so far.

Surprisingly, as she talks the police is giving her, and the accused protection and people around are clapping in approval of whatever she has said.

The Sadhvi even advises the accused to make everyone chant ‘Jai Gaumata’ (hail the cow). She asks him to spread the message inside the jail that there is nothing wrong in doing anything for protecting the cow and the nation.