A beautiful and unique wedding took place on Tuesday when 25-year-old acid attack survivor Lalita Ben Bansi married Ravishankar Singh, 27, at a ceremony in D’ Silva Technical College, Dadar. And it all started with a wrong number call three months ago.

Lalita Ben Bansi was attacked by her cousin in 2012. Bansi was at her hometown Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh for her cousin’s wedding. At the wedding, a fight broke out between her cousin and her younger brother. She slapped them both and asked them to stop fighting. Her cousin threw acid on her face as revenge for the slap.

Bansi has undergone 17 surgeries at Bombay and will be undergoing another 12 in the coming months. She is a member of Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation.

Three months ago, Bansi, while trying a different number, dialled Ravishankar’s instead. “Bansi had accidentally dialled my number about three months ago. I then called her back after 15 days. We spoke and I fell in love with her voice. Our conversations continued on a daily basis and in the process, I proposed to her,” Singh told The Hindu.

Ravishanker is a CCTV operator from Malad.

Bansi told Ravishanker that she is an acid attack survivor, but Ravishanker was in love with her. 

The wedding was attended by actor Vivek Oberoi, Congress MLA Nitish Rane and former sheriff of Mumbai, Dr Jagannathrao Hegde. Vivek Oberoi also gifted Lalita Bansi a house.