Pathanamthitta: 62-year-old Kerala's Pathanamthitta native, who was undergoing treatment for coronavirus for the past 48 days, tested negative for the disease. According to sources, the woman may soon leave hospital.

Authorities had tested her samples 22 times, out of which 19 times, the results showed that she was infected. She is one of the rare patients in the country who had to be treated for 48 days.

The patient was taken to hospital on March 8 and tested positive on March 10.  Along with her, her daughter also was undergoing treatment for coronavirus.

Her daughter was discharged in the first week of April. The woman is the neighbour of the family that returned from Italy. Experts said there were cases where patients recovered from the virus after 60 days. They also said the chances of the woman transmitting the virus was less.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had prescribed a 14-day incubation period for coronavirus but Kerala had extended it to 28 days to ensure that an asymptomatic person or a patient is disinfected completely.