Arjun, a 3rd year BSc student in his video claimed he was depressed.


Bandra Police have found nine short suicide notes on the table in room number 1925. The video, which is one minute and 43 seconds long, shows Bharadwaj talking about "steps" before committing the act. He checked into Taj Lands End around 3am and hotel staff, he just ordered food into his room and was no trouble at all. He stayed in the room all day and then at 6.30pm jumped from the window. His body was found on the 11th floor of the hotel and the retrieval of his body was a difficult process


In the video that he uploaded, he is seen talking about how he is tired and depressed with life, he then talks of the ‘steps’ he has taken and is seen drinking wine and smoking a cigarette. He even mentioned the 'steps' on Facebook. "Step 1, write notes to people...step 2, get drunk, Step 3...enjoy the view, Step 4...have bacon pasta,".  "See you guys on the other side," Arjun's last words before he closed his video. 


In the suicide note obtained from the room, he wrote that no one should be held responsible for his decision and that he had taken to drugs and was very disturbed in life. He also apologised to his parents for taking the extreme decision. His body was found by the hotel staff and immediately was taken to Leelavati Hospital in Bandra, where he was declared brought dead. Arjun's father is a businessman in Bengaluru.


The incident is disturbing to say the least and depression as important mental health issue needs broader discussion. Needless to say, our approach to the incident is highly deplorable. 


The Mumbai Police meanwhile has tweeted



The sad part is even in his death, Arun was calling for help through this video and if any of the hotel staff or people who were watching this incident happen live, would have made a call, alerted the cops, hotel staff or even called him up, maybe, just may be Arun might have been saved. 


The incident is not new, previously also people have live streamed their suicide after feeling fed up or thinking that there was no way out of their problems. We sympathise with Arjun’s parents and request our readers to be vigilant at all times and if they see even the slightest of indications of depression or suicidal tendencies among family or friends, do not take it lightly, it is not a joke. Cases that end in death like this can be very traumatic for families and because of the impressionable youth of today, such measures can set a dangerous trend.