Recently a few Facebook pages shared some of the movie clippings. Where some pages even uploaded the complete movie. Later, producer and Malayalam actor Vijay Babu has lashed out at those who have shared the pirated version of his brand new movie Angamaly Diaries which is enjoying a successful run in the theatres. 


He said, “I have been noticing that such things have been happening for some time. Will do everything to get it removed.”


Vijay also said he would move legally and that he has already filed a complaint with the cyber cell.



“It's unfortunate that a planned activity is going on against our movie Angamaly Diaries to kill it . We removed at least 10 online links yesterday and the same people are doing it again to ensure the movie comes on internet Let me warn this criminal ASS----S that we will not spare anyone who try to upload this movie on internet . This ba---rd was steaming the movie live on Fb from a theatre today. We ensured that it is removed . I promise that we will track you today and do the needful,” he wrote in the post. 



Angamaly Diaries released on March 2, to critical acclaim. Directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, the film saw the debut of 86 actors. A lot of recent movies have been uploaded online just a few days after their release.