Twist in Sridevi death mystery: Rs 240 crore worth insurance policy made in the name of actress?

entertainment | 11 May 2018 8:29 AM (UTC)
Richa Barua

Bollywood’s first female superstar Sridevi left for heavenly abode on February 24 this year and it is still hard for her fans and family to come to terms with this heartbreaking news. 

According to a news agency, Singh’s lawyer senior advocate Vikas Singh argued before the court that an insurance policy worth Rs 240 crore in was brought in Sridevi’s name in Oman and could be encashed only if the actor died in Dubai.

The filmmaker claimed in his petition that he personally visited the hotel in Dubai along with his legal advisors and found startling facts which pointed to the unnatural death of the actor.

Singh had earlier filed a PIL seeking an investigation into Sridevi‘s death at the Delhi High Court in March 9. He had stated that her death was of national interest. However, the High Court rejected his plea. Hence, he decided to move to the Supreme Court. But the SC too has dismissed the petition seeking an independent probe into the death of Bollywood actor Sridevi.

A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra said they have dismissed similar pleas in the past and cannot entertain the petition now. Singh argued in his plea that Sridevi was 5 feet 7 inches tall and the bathtub in which she drowned was only 5 feet long. 

After the post-mortem, Dubai had Police said that Sridevi died from drowning in the hotel bathtub “following the loss of consciousness” 

According to the report published in Mumbai Mirror, Sunil had claimed that he was also in Dubai at the time of Sridevi’s death and the learning that Singh had gathered from the hotel authorities and its employees were way different from what was given out by the family and reported in the media.

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  • Srinivas V
    2018-5-12 | 04:55:23
    Would people have questioned if the insurance was in the name of the husband and he had died first? Such a feminist society we live in, in India!
    anshu man
    2018-5-13 | 18:49:26
    ..because he husband was not that fool! He actually prepared Sridevi to make ultimate sacrifice! Pls grow up! Don't bring gender issue here unnecessarily .

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