After the Malayalam actress assault, case and molestation case, a budding young actress from the Telugu film industry has lodged a complaint against a director and actor for the same.

The actress filed a police complaint on August 15, accusing both director Chalapathi and actor Srujan Lokesh of allegedly attempting to rape her in a car. According to, a complaint has been lodged at the Patamala police station in Vijayawada.

In the complaint, she accused that both of them took her in a car on the pretext of going for a shoot in Bheemavaram in Andhra Pradesh. But on the way, she alleges, they attempted to rape her in the car. 

This is what she said to the reporters, "We were supposed to reach Bheemavaram from Hyderabad on August 13, and I was planning to catch a train. However, the director and the hero insisted that we travel in my car. As we approached Vijayawada, they tried to misbehave with me. When I protested, they assaulted me." 



She continued saying, "They threw me in the backseat of the car. To ensure that I don't jump out, they drove fast but ended up smashing my vehicle against a lorry. That same night, I shared my location with some friends, who rushed there immediately. Following that, I have come to the police station to file a complaint."

Later, Chalapathi and Srujan urged her against lodging a complaint, and then resorted to threats, she claimed. 

Even though she was threatened that her "career would be spoiled", she decided to be brave and come forward with her story, much like the Malayalam actress.

The actress told the media, "They said what they did was wrong, and apologised. Then, they said that if I talk about this, my career that will be spoiled. They blackmailed me, and said that if I go to the police station and the media, I will not get another film in my career."  She added, "I want justice and hope that such people are punished by the law." 

Following her complaint, the police has taken Chalapathi into custody, while Srujan is reportedly absconding. The police have registered a case.