Sri Reddy has alleged that she was kept out of the show at the behest of actor Nani, who is hosting the show. Now, she has come down heavily upon the host of the show and asked him to swear on family and career that he didn't have sexual relationship with her. It was reported a few weeks ago that Sri would be one of the 16 contestants of the house. However, her name was not found in the final list and it was rumoured that Nani had threatened to quit hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 2 if Sri was  one of the contestants. 

Later, Sri started attacking the host when her chances of entering the house became dim. She wrote on her Facebook page, "Nani + Sri reddy = dirty picture.. when?? coming soon.."


In a recent interview with Times of India, Sri Reddy has blamed Nani for not being able to be a part of Bigg Boss. “I was initially approached by the Bigg Boss team to be a part of the show. I gave my consent but when I did not hear from them for a month, I called them up to seek an update. I was then they told  me that they can’t take me on board because of ‘some politics’. I was shocked to hear that."

A day after the launch of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, Sri Reddy took to Facebook and shared a report. She cursed Nani for cheating her and asked him to swear on his family and career whether he had slept with her or not.

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Nani, who was keeping mum on Sri Reddy's allegations, opened up and refuted her charges. "Going by her track record, the whole world has stopped reacting to all the absolute baseless nonsense she comes up with," the Times of India quoted him as saying.

The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 have also rubbished her allegations. "Nani has absolutely nothing to do with the selection of participants of the show," a representative of the show told TOI.

A few months ago, Sri Reddy had accused filmmaker Sekhar Kammula, Kona Venkat, Viva Harsha and Abhiram Daggubati (brother of Rana Dagggubati) of exploiting her with the promise of giving her work in movies.

Later, she came into limelight after stripping in front of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce. Now the actress is unnecessarily dragging the names of Pawan Kalyan and Nani to create sensation.