The nation is still mourning the demise of Bollywood veteran actress Sridevi, who lost her life due to accidental drowning, a few days ago during her stay in Dubai for her nephew's wedding. She was reportedly found unconscious, by her husband Boney Kapoor, in the bathtub in her hotel room. After the unfortunate news broke, various theories surrounding her death started doing the rounds. Experts are brainstorming to decipher the real reason that led to her controversial death sequence.



Her sudden questionable death has brought the theory of getting strokes often in the bathroom, back to the surface. Here's the science behind it, which should be known to all. 


According to experts, the mundane sequence of dampening the head first before the body, which many people swear by is an absolutely wrong way of taking a shower. It subjects the warm-blooded body to a sudden temperature change making the blood to rush to the head, which further leads to artery breakage or a stroke. 



Hence, it is always advisable to moist the body first from the feet up to the shoulders for a safe and pleasant shower-session. People with high cholesterol should be extra cautious as the chances of them falling prey to strokes or a fall are comparatively higher. 


And this is probably what happened to Sridevi while she was taking a bath post the wedding ceremony? However, police investigations are underway, which will hopefully lift the curtain from the much-awaited mystery.