The mortal remains of Bollywood actor Sridevi are expected to reach India post 9 pm. Now, as the family has received her body from the authorities, it has been taken to the embalming centre in Muhaisna and is expected to take a few hours. 

The probe launched by Dubai’s prosecution department has been closed.



Boney Kapoor’s son Arjun Kapoor has joined his father and uncle Sanjay Kapoor in Dubai and will oversee the return to India. Sridevi’s funeral is expected to take place in Mumbai on Wednesday in Mumbai at Pawan Hans in the city.


The process of embalming will take 4-5 hours after which her body will be flown back to India in a chartered plane provided by Anil Ambani. Estimated time of departure from Dubai is 6.30pm IST as per filed flight plan. 

The 54-year-old actor, known as Indian cinema's first woman superstar, passed away in her hotel room in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers late on Saturday, leaving fans, family and friends stunned.