Sooraj Shetty, who has proved his mettle with three back-to-back blockbusters in Tulu film industry, is all set to direct a film in Sandalwood. It will be titled “Non-Veg”.

Sooraj became a well-known name in Coastalwood with the success of his films Ekka Saka, Pilibail Yamunakka and Ammer Polisa.

Now, he will enter Kannada Film Industry with Non-Veg. Prajwal Prakash has been selected to play the lead role. However, earlier Sooraj had announced English as his fourth movie, but it looks like the project has been kept on hold and he is all set to go ahead with Non-Veg.

Earlier, actors from coastal area had made their entry into Kannada films. Now, with Sooraj’s move to Bengaluru, it may pave way for more Tulu directors to enter Gandhinagara.

However, Sooraj has made it clear that he wants to contribute immensely to make Tulu films richer in content as well as to make it grow as an industry.

It is said that the movie will be shot in and around coastal areas of Karnataka and most of the technicians will be from Coastalwood.

Sooraj's movies are mostly based on comedy factor and he tries to give a serious message simultaneously by tickling your funny bones.

So, will this Non-Veg platter attract Sandalwood audience? Only time will tell.