Director Shekhar Kapur, Oscar winner AR Rahman and life coach Shayamal Vallabhjee have come together to create awareness on mental health and promote positive mental wellbeing.

South Africa based sports scientist Vallabhjee says, “It was really just serendipity. I had an idea about helping other people discover themselves through science and spirituality. I wanted it to start off as a show which is called In Pursuit of Balance. This quickly morphed into micro-content and then we learned that India desperately needs a voice it can trust in the field of personal growth and mastery. A voice that isn’t necessarily linked to a religious organisation and one that applies to the rational mind. This was what we set out to build - a community of like-minded people invested in personal growth."

He plans to collaborate with more celebrities to spread the word about mental health, and he says, "We (Shekhar Kapur, AR Rahman, and Shayamal Vallabhjee) plan to bring together an army of local and international celebs and teachers. Mental health is only one of many topics which we plan to put the focus on. Our vision is big and we are confident that our curated platform is going to be the destination for anyone interested in becoming a better version of themselves.”

On the work front, Shayamal turned author for the book Breathe Believe Balance. It’s an absolute need for people struggling with mental health in these hard times.