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Shah Rukh Khan once shared an emotional story of mother’s death; his last words to her

In conversation with David Letterman, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that he had said mean things to his mother on her deathbed hoping she would rally back to life

Shah Rukh Khan once shared an emotional story of mother's death; his last words to her
Bengaluru, First Published Mar 24, 2020, 10:11 AM IST
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Bengaluru: King Khan shared with David Letterman in the show ‘My next guest needs no introduction’ the story of his mother’s death and how he naively believed that troubling her during the final moments will usher her back to life. The actor, who lost his father at a young age, was 26 when his mother was confined to the hospital.

Having seen death from a very early age, Shah Rukh Khan believed that only those who are content and happy with their lives embrace death while the ones with any distress or unfinished business tend to fight it. Going by the same, he told her that he would not take care of his elder sister, he wouldn’t work and would waste away his life in alcohol. His hopes didn’t work. Both his parents weren’t around to witness and rejoice the colossal explosion of his career.


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However, the Bollywood star had arranged a screening of his new TV soap opera for his mother in the ICU. With the aid of the doctor, he brought in a VCR to screen the series he had just finished shooting in Mumbai. The next morning his mother passed away. Maybe she was tremendously happy to see her little boy make it to the world of his dreams.


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“No amount of negative criticism about my work has affected me since then,” Khan admitted in good humour. This account of the star’s bond with his mother is moving millions of hearts to tears as it unravels the tender, humane and emotionally open side of the celebrated man.

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