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RGV’s sexist, racist tweet gets a fitting reply from Omar Abdullah

  • Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma goes on the most sexist, and racist rant ever.
RGVs sexist tweet gets a fitting reply from Omar Abdullah
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Twitterati slammed film-maker Ram Gopal Verma for his ‘sexist and racist’ tweet comparing Michelle Obama and Melania Trump on the basis of their looks.



While people are still in shock over the surprising victory of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who has become the 45th President of the USA, this historic day. 


One extraordinary person and known Twitter bully here in India got a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.



Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma like many others shared his opinion on Trump’s victory, but he took it to a tad too far and physically objectified the former as well as the new First Lady of USA by crossing all lines of decency. 



The tweet read, “For some reason I like the present First Lady much more than the previous..can anyone tell me why?” He posted a picture of Michelle Obama and a model, who looks very much like Melania Trump along with the tweet. His followers pointed out that probably not Trump’s wife. 


Earlier, he praised himself on foretelling the victory of the Republican nominee, some four months ago. 


While many top Bollywood celebs are sobbing about the fact that Trump has won, Varma stoop even lower than the infamous Kamaal R Khan's tweets.



Following that Varma started getting slammed for his racist, crude, sexiest remark. In fact, his tweet drew criticism from our former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who gave it back to him using a single tweet. And, it was just perfect!


Another of Varma's shocking tweet read “Advancement in human thinking is to elect a man who in his 60's can talk about grabbing a woman's Pussy..Honesty wins..Unka America Mahaan"


That is not just insulting towards Michelle Obama but also for Melania. As a matter of fact, the tweet insults every woman across the globe who is fighting against being objectified. 


At a time, when feminism is a global issue and many including known celebrities are in favour of feminism, such a Tweet by an Indian film-maker is nothing but shameful and disgraceful for the nation. 


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