Actress Rajisha Vijayan has revealed that she once slapped a man who misbehaved with her.


Rajisha, who won the state award for her role in debut film 'Anuraga Karikkin Vellam', admitted that she is concerned by the increasing sexual crimes in the country but stressed that women should be brave enough to fight back.


"I slapped him... really hard. I told him he had no right to touch me without my permission. Hopefully, he learnt his lesson," the actress said in an interview to a magazine, recounting an experience.


Rajisha pointed out it is important that women react to the sexual crimes against them, and take the molester to task. She said that the victim's silence might encourage an eve-teaser to become a rapist.


"You should never remain silent and let the molester get away with it. That would give him the confidence to repeat the crime or do even worse things. Even if it's a stare or a comment, you should always react," the VJ-turned-actress added.