Doctors treating superstar Rajinikanth at Hyderabad's Apollo Hospital have said that his condition has improved though his blood pressure remains high.

The actor was rushed to the hospital on Friday morning after there was a drastic variation in his blood pressure due to which he showed signs of discomforts.

As per the hospital's bulletin, "Mr Rajinikanth who was admitted in the hospital yesterday is progressing well. He has had an uneventful night and his blood pressure is still on the higher side although under better control than yesterday."

The doctors will have one more round of discussion after evaluating his condition and only then take a decision on his discharge as his BP is still on the higher side.

The superstar is being administered with the right kind of medicines and a team of specialists are closely monitoring his health condition.

As the actor is on rest, the hospital has restricted all visitors except his family members.

Rajinikanth joined his latest film Aannaathe's sets in Hyderabad on December 14 but three days ago, the shoot was stopped as four crew members tested positive for Covid-19.  

The makers of the film, Sun  Pictures took to Twitter and said Rajinikanth and other lead actors were safe and were tested negative for the Covid-19.