The last episode of Bigg Boss 11, which telecasted on October 24 had many moments to keep the audiences hooked. 
A few weeks ago, one of the contestants Sshivani Durga spooked the hell out of other contestants when she started staring at TV actress Shilpa Shinde in middle of the night. Sshivani in her defence said that Shilpa started staring at her first and she only riposted.


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Housemates got super scared with her weird behaviour and looking at her dangerous avatar. Likewise, Mehjabi Siddiqui’s freakish behaviour scared the contestants.
Here’s what happened. The co-contestants saw that Mehjabi is sitting on the bed ideally in the middle of the night, immobile, and her eyes are doing something weird. 


Later, Hina and Arshi Khan started reading a prayer to keep the evil away. Following that Hina was then seen hugging her. 
Within a few seconds, Mehjabi started shouting to Arshi Khan saying "Arshi, jinnat dekh raha hai tujhe, dekh raha hai tujhe jinnat" (Roughly translated as Arshi, Jinn is looking at you)


Is Mehajabi Acting?
While talking about the incident to Hina Khan the next morning, Mehjabi said, such things happen with me since childhood. However, some of the contestants discussed if the lady was faking it.

We all know that Mehajabi is out of focus in the Bigg Boss 11 house and possibly to gain attention she might be acting. But acting like being possessed to gain footage is something we did not expect.