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Nikhil Patel wanted an 'Open Marriage' with Dalljiet Kaur? Here's what we know

Rumors about TV star Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel's marriage troubles have surfaced, fueled by their social media actions and recent accusations. Dalljiet confirmed their separation, citing Nikhil's infidelity. Allegations from a Reddit post claim Nikhil wanted an open marriage, leading to significant conflicts. Neither party has made a detailed public statement

Nikhil Patel wanted an 'Open Marriage' with Dalljiet Kaur? Here's what we know ATG
First Published May 27, 2024, 10:47 AM IST

Rumors have been circulating about TV star Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel's marriage facing serious issues just 10 months after their wedding. Speculation intensified when both Dalljiet and Nikhil deleted photos of each other from their social media accounts and unfollowed each other.

Dalljiet Kaur Accuses Nikhil Patel of Infidelity

Recently, Dalljiet Kaur took to social media to confirm her separation from Nikhil Patel, accusing him of infidelity. Although Nikhil has not responded to these accusations, a recent Reddit post has made some startling claims about his behavior. According to a user who knows Nikhil indirectly, he proposed an open marriage to Dalljiet only after their wedding.

The user described Nikhil as a "flirty man" who often pursues younger women, buying them drinks and behaving inappropriately. The post alleges that Nikhil was never serious about his marriage with Dalljiet and convinced her to return to him after a significant fight. Despite efforts to reconcile, Nikhil reportedly does not want to continue the marriage because Dalljiet refuses to accept an open marriage. The user also claimed that Nikhil is currently dating a woman named Sapna but has unfollowed her on social media to keep their relationship under wraps.

Details from the Reddit Post

The Reddit post reads, "I know Nick via mutual connections. He has a large social circle and is often at our office parties. While being extroverted isn’t an issue, he’s always been flirty and tries to charm younger women. He wasn’t serious about the marriage and wanted an open relationship, which Dalljiet, a single parent, couldn’t accept. They had a big fight, she returned to India, but Nick convinced her to come back. Despite reconciliation attempts, his cheating habits continued. He’s now dating a woman named Sapna but unfollowed her on social media to avoid detection. They haven’t divorced yet, but Nick is uninterested in maintaining the marriage due to Dalljiet’s refusal of his conditions."

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These claims, while unconfirmed and from an anonymous source, align with Dalljiet's cryptic social media posts where she mentioned the initials "SN" and accused Nikhil of cheating and lacking commitment. However, she has not made a detailed public statement about the issues.

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