Chiranjeevi's niece, actress Niharika, was all over the news along with Baahubali superstar Prabhas about the possibility of them getting married. The couple is back in news as Niharika breaks her silence on her love story and marriage with Prabhas. 


Niharika had her first break in the industry with "Okka Manasu" and is currently working on two other movies. She reportedly stated the example of never being proposed or having received a love letter in her entire life. "Not that she is interested," she later clarified. 


She later said the that there were times when she doubted her own beauty and that boys were scared to approach her for obvious reasons as they knew who she was. Niharika sounded even more amused about this fact instead of being concerned about it. 


So these statements clearly make the ground very clear. The chances of Niharika and Prabhas ever getting married are highly unlikely in the near future.