Benjamin Rohan, a singer-composer & songwriter who himself belong from a very small town Munger in Bihar says, nepotism cannot dominate real talent and real music. He said nepotism exist everywhere in every industry but it cannot rule and sustain for a very long period. I myself didn’t had any God Father in the industry.

I’m an outsider and belong from a place where people yet hesitate to take any other field apart from engineer & doctor. Yet I came this long because sooner or later you get what you work hard for. 

Right now, I’m working with firms like One Digital Entertainment which handles and help me boost my youtube channel independently. He has also worked with labels like ZeeMusic for his first single “Doorie” which has crossed more then million views.

Benjamin Rohan also thank his Mom & Dad for his constant support and letting him choose his passion as his carrier. He is all set to release his surprise single soon.