The much-awaited horror thriller Dora of Nayantara received an 'A' certificate from Censor Board. The filmmakers were in shock and are planning to approach revising committee to get U/A certificate for the much-anticipated movie. 

"The release date was fixed as March 31, and there is hardly any time. Releasing with an 'A' certificate will limit viewers and will also affect satellite business as the film will have to recensored for television," sources said. 

The film, directed by Doss Ramaswamy revolves around a car and Nayantara's character Pavalakodi. "I did not want it to be a cliched horror flick, and so the 'ghost' is just a fantasy element.  Censor Board might have felt that the violence is strong. However, there is hardly any gory scenes or bloodshed in the movie," Ramaswamy said. 

Though the director was ready for some cuts in the movie to get an U/A certification the board refused to budge, sources said. 

Ramaswamy considers his film as a family movie, and with the 'A' certificate it won't be able to attract the family audience. The film will be released in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously.