The arrest of Dileep on charges of criminal conspiracy for the abduction and sexual assault of an actress has sent shock waves across the Malayalam film industry. 

Actor Prithviraj Sukumuran, while attending the emergency meeting of AMMA, had said that the association needs to take a stand on the actress case. Following this, popular director Vinayan has come out strongly and made some striking comments about Dileep and his image in the Malayalam film industry.

In an interview with Times Of India, director, Vinayan said that it was imminent. He said, "From my personal experience, I know that Dileep is a master manipulator and Mammootty and Mohanlal have just been puppets in his hands." 

He added, "Dileep suddenly became a crucial part of Malayalam film industry and was also controlling behind the screen of Mollywood movies. I had created the organisation named MACTA, where we warned him not to take advance from the producer if he is not working in the movie. But, Dileep then challenged me publicly and said he would make sure I don't continue in my position." 

Now, Vinayan hopes that the Malayalam film industry will have positive changes after Dileep's arrest. 

Organisations such as AMMA, FEFKA and the producers' association have revoked Dileep's membership. Actors such as Prithviraj and Remya Nambeesan have also expressed their support for the decision.

With so many confessions coming out after his arrest, Dileep's fans in the Malayalam film industry sure seem to be on a low .