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'Meme Boys' cast Exclusive: 'Memes have become a powerful medium today'

Arun Kaushik’s recently released Tamil web series ‘Meme Boys’ is being hailed by the audience for its content. Actors Badava Gopi, Aadithya Baaskar and Namritha talk to Asianet Newsable about their experience of working on Meme Boys, what memes mean to them, OTT and more.

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Mumbai, First Published Jul 25, 2022, 1:04 PM IST

The world of OTT in India is largely filled with English and Hindi content. However, regional languages are also started making their way to it with movies and web series that are frequently being released on such platforms. One such content is SonyLiv’s Tamil web series ‘Meme Boys’ starring actors Badava Gopi, Aadithya Baaskar, Namritha, Siddharth B, Jayanth and Guru Somasundaram. Helmed by Arun Kaushik, the series was released on Friday, July 22.

Meme Boys is a drama that revolves around college students and their dean and assistant dean. It is about how a group of students start an anonymous meme group which later goes on to expose the wrongs of the college administration. A laughter riot, the show has been garnering exceptional reviews for its content as well as for the performance given by every actor.

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The team of ‘Meme Boys’, actors Badava Gopi, Aadithya Baaskar and Namritha got in a candid conversation with Asianet Newsable regarding the show, their experience of working together, memes, and OTT. Read the excerpts from the interview: 

How was your experience of working on ‘Meme Boys’?
Aadithya Baaskar:
It was like we were back at college, reliving our college days. However, it did come with a little bit of responsibility. Every bit of filming for Meme Boys was fun, and the team really did make sure that each one of us were comfortable during the shoot. Also, the character that each of us played in the series, I am sure that we all were able to connect with them on personal levels because that is how we all were back in our college days.

Badava Gopi: I was really looking forward to Meme Boys because the character that I play in this (of the assistant dean) is basically an extension of a character that I played in the past for a (Tamil) film with Dhanush. That character had become a hit with the Tamil audience, and the assistant dean role that I have played in Meme Boys is nothing but an exaggerated version of it.

Watch the full interview here:

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Meme Boys is about a group of college goers creating a meme group. How relevant do you think that it is in today’s times?
Badava Gopi:
This is no political drama but another college campus story. I believe everyone, especially the youth, will be able to connect with it. Today, anyone can express their thoughts using a meme – whether it is to make someone laugh or poke a joke at someone, memes have become a powerful medium. And thus, I believe, the story will find a connection with the audience.

Since the series, including its title, revolves around memes, do you think that films dialogues have started to become meme-worthy these days?
Badava Gopi:
In Tamil films, I would like to believe that I am quite the meme material. Many of the dialogues from my past film have become meme-worthy.

Were there any funny behind-the-scenes moments from the shoot that you can recall? 
Aadithya Baaskar:
There was this one particular scene where we were to shoot a fight sequence between two college gangs. That day, we were to finish the shooting schedule at 6 PM. However, the two gangs actually started fighting. In fact, there was this tall guy who was throwing things the most, and it was already 5.45 PM while we had to shoot two more scenes. At that moment, I shouted at the guy, which is very unusual for me since it is not how I am in person. Everyone was taken aback, and as I walked toward the director and the associates, I burst out laughing. So did everyone else! That moment tops my list of all the fun times we had while shooting.

Namritha: The whole experience of filming Meme Boys was a lot of fun. Throughout the shoot, it felt like we were back in our college days. All of us would sit together to eat and would have fun. What I did like the most was how all these boys would come up with their ideas, tweak their dialogues and add more humour; it used to be a lot of fun watching them do that.

Since Meme Boys marks your OTT debut, what according to you is the way forward for this new entertainment platform?
Badava Gopi:
I am really looking forward to doing a lot of OTT projects, especially in Malayalam. The thing about OTT is that it has a lot of scope, especially for the writers and actors. When OTT was new, there was limited content available which was largely related to sex, drugs and murders. However, this has changed drastically now. Every genre is being explored including comedy and family drama, and that I believe is the way forward for OTT.

Watch the trailer of SonyLiv's Meme Boys here:


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