Sandalwood's secret marriage: 'Lucia' fame Sruthi Hariharan gets hitched, but who's the mysterious man?

First Published 5, Sep 2017, 8:51 AM IST
Lucia fame Sruthi Hariharan gets hitched in secret
  • Another actress from Sandalwood gets hitched in secret
  • Sruthi Hariharan of 'Lucia' fame got married to her sweet-heart of four years in a secret ceremony
  • Sruthi allegedly got married to the mystery man three months ago but has kept the news under-wraps

Several actors and actresses from the tinsel town have had some hush-hush marriages away from the paparazzi and to stop tongues from wagging. One such marriage was that of Sandalwood star Sruthi Hariharan.

She started her Sandalwood career with the critically-acclaimed ‘Lucia’, where she was praised for portraying the role of a lower middle-class girl and the other of a film actress. She then went on to star in films like ‘Raate’, ‘Maada’, ‘Manasi’ and ‘Beautiful Manasugalu’ among others. She went on to bag the State Award for Best Actress.

Suvarna has reported that Sruthi allegedly got married in a secret ceremony three months ago. This has come across as a shocker to her fans and the film world alike. Sources say that Sruthi has been hiding the news for some personal reasons.

But the big question is, who did she get married to? Speculations are ripe that she is now married to the man she has been dating for the last four years. But who is this mysterious man?

The Husband

The man who Sruthi is allegedly married to is Ram and he is a dance master. Sruthi is a Tamil Iyer raised in Bengaluru. Ram hails from Kerala. Sruthi also has a background in dance.

However, people are curious as to why the marriage is being kept a secret.

Suvarna cited sources saying that Sruthi allegedly got married after the release of the film ‘Happy New Year’. Apparently, she has kept the marriage a secret so that her career prospects are not hampered. Earlier Ramya Barna and Sindhu Loknath got married in secret.