While chatting, Alia disclosed that she had her first legit boyfriend at the age of 16. So, Karan joked about the matter and asked SRK, "Your daughter is 16, would you kill the person who kissed your daughter?"

Shah Rukh caught his breath and said, "I'd rip his lips off", and then laughed. Karan also joined in the laughter and said, "I so know that. Your daughter is 16 and I know that you're stalking her." 

To this, Badshah totally denied the fact and said that he doesn't stalk; he is "well-informed". Check out the video clip here.

Suhana is now in New York studying further in college, and her Instagram grid is filled with pictures of her friends partying, enjoying the upbeat life. Shah Rukh Khan is the coolest dad ever but can be possessive as well.