Hebbuli was released on February 23, since then Sudeep’s hairstyle in the movie has become a trendsetter. Many young men were seen following the trend and now girls are also found trying Sudeep's interesting haircut. Sudeep plays an army officer in the which was directed by S Krishna. 


Sudeep’s fans not just from Karnataka, but even in the UK and the US, are going all out to get the Hebbuli look. These even include kids who've got the new look. Many of them have spruced up their selfies with funky effects and tagged Sudeep on Twitter. Especially this girl's hairstyle is a new trend as so far girls have not tried their favourite hero's haircut!

This is the Sudeep's famous hairstyle in Hebbuli:


Currently, Sudeep is busy filming for the movie The Villain, being directed by Prem. Superstar Shivarajkumar is playing the lead role this movie and the hairstyle of both these actors from is trending now in Karnataka.