The video, which naturally went viral, seemed to highlight an unsavoury side of Tovino Thomas, which was later slammed by the media and his fans. 


Tovino has since issued an official statement, that explained his side of the story and has also apologised in case he hurt anyone with the way he reacted in the viral video. 

Tovino stated that there was a provocation for his outburst. He explained that one fan was pinching him and another had apparently pushed him.



In a Facebook post, he wrote, “I’m just another ordinary person like you. A person who came to work in the field of cinema out of extreme passion and desire. I always wish to do characters which gain the appreciation and fondness of the audience. I’m aware that I still continue in the industry because of the blessings of many who hold good cinema close to their hearts,” he said.


“I realised the love people have for good cinema from their applause when I visited theatres and college campuses to promote my film,” he said.



“I can only return the love by doing good movies. I also faced a few bad incidents recently. Yes, I reacted when someone hurt me and when I was surrounded by people who were treating me just like another friend. I was just reacting like a normal human being. I wasn’t trying to show my attitude or arrogance. If that hurt anybody, I give my sincere apologies. There is truth in cinema. Only good cinema and good characters will live on. Time shall prove everything,” he added.


Tovino is an action hero in the Malayalam film industry and is one of the most sought-after actors in the industry. He was recently seen in 'Oru Mexican Aparatha', a movie based on the college campus politics. 


'Oru Mexican Aparatha' is on its way to becoming a superhit at the Kerala box office. He also played a significant role in Prithviraj Sukumaran's film Ezra, which was also a box office hit.