The kings of rap songs in Kannada, the Bigg Boss winner Chandan Shetty and Rahul Dit-O, wrapped up a controversy in style, while their fans are still trying to figure out what did he do.

The controversy started with  Rahul Dit-O through the All Ok forum released a song Nanaganisiddu. The song took a dig at rappers who sang crap in the name of rap. This enraged Chandan Shetty's fans who lashed out at Rahul and All Ok.

Here is the song Nanaganisiddu:

This led to war of words between fans of Chandan and Rahul. However, All Ok gave a clarification in this regard and said that they did not target but this was a satire rap, only meant  for all those who tried to degrade rap.

Here is what All.ok had to say:

Following this, Chandan also broke his silence and said that the satire suits the western countries, but India whatever we do we should win with love. However, peace was established when Chandan said that I've heard the song and I support them, because anyone who is talented needs to be supported.

Here is what Chandan said: