As the protests intensified, director of Baahubali Rajamouli himself released a video and requested the people of Karnataka in Kannada to allow the release of the movie in the state. But when even this failed to have any impact on the agitating activists, Satyaraj himself has read out a lengthy mail, where he has tendered his apologies and has said that he is not against Kannada or the people of Karnataka. In this speech, he has also tried to make the Tamil people understand why he is tendering an apology.

Here is the full text of the Satyraraj apology:



Many actors had spoken emotionally during the Cauvery issue. I was also one among those who spoke in that manner nine years ago during the protest. Tamil films were not being allowed to be screened in Karnataka, nine years ago. My effigies were also burnt.

Similar protests were held in Bengaluru film chamber and the city too, where actors from Karnataka too spoke in anger.

But of what I spoke then, some things have hurt the Kannada people. II am not against Kannadigas. The best example to prove this is that Shekhar, my close associate from 35 years is a Kannadiga.

But in the last nine years including Baahubali 1 more than 30 of my films have been released. But there were no such problems to release the film. Even I was approached by producers to act in Kannada films, but I could not as the time did not permit.

But my speech during the Cauvery agitation has hurt the people of Karnataka. So, I apologise for the hurting their sentiments.

I request the people of Tamil Nadu not to get hurt and worry. Baahubali is a mega project, and I am just an actor in the movie. What I spoke should not affect thousands of people who have worked for the movie. All their time, money and hard work should not suffer because of me. In addition, even the distributors should not incur a loss, and it is my responsibility to understand all this and act accordingly.

Even director Rajamouli has spoken in this regard and explained the circumstances.

However, in the coming days, Tamil Elam people (in Sri Lanka) and all Tamil associations should understand that I will stand up and voice the farmers, water issue or any issue Tamil people face for that matter.

The producers who think casting Satyaraj may land you in trouble need not cast me as I am just a small actor in the Tamil film industry, he requested humbly.

I will not die as an actor; I do not believe in any superstition. I want to live and die as a Tamilian, and I am proud of my beliefs.

I request the people of Karnataka to accept my apology, and I ask them with love to allow Baahubali to be released in the state.

I thank everyone who has supported me in this regard. I also thank the crew of Baahubali including director Rajamouli and producer Shobhu and Prasad for putting up with the problem caused due to me.  

Here is the video:

Part 1

Part 2