Telugu actress Sri Reddy's controversies are taking shocking turns with each passing day and especially after she abused power star Payan Kalyan. 

First, it was only Sri Reddy who was protesting against casting couch and sexual exploitation in Telugu film industry to now talking about Pawan Kalyan to what end? No one knows. 



Recently a leaked audio clip of a phone conversation between Sri Reddy and transgender-actress Tamanna has revealed some startling revelations which is something out of a crime novel. The chat took place after Sri faced a backlash from media and public, especially from Pawan's fans after calling him a "Ma****od". 

In the video clip, Sri Reddy told Tamanna that it was filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who had asked her to destroy Pawan's image in public. 

She also said RGV gave her Rs 5 crore to distort Pawan's image as he is now into politics. Sri also blamed the YSRCP for ganging up with RGV and trying to trap her.

Sri Reddy confirmed Tamanna that the TDP would soon be involved in the issue and offer her support on this issue.