Telugu actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu, aka, Samantha Akkineni, the newly married actress whose wedding pictures were filled with nothing but love and happiness, opened up about her personal life and career.

The actress has proudly changed her social media handle to 'Samantha Akkineni' and also said in a recent interview where she said that the responsibility on her shoulders doubled after she became the daughter-in-law of Akkineni family. She said, "I am blessed to have become a part of such an understanding family."

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However, if we go through Sam-Chai's wedding pictures, we can see all the family members of Akkineni and Daggubati clan but can't find Samantha's family. 

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There were many rumours that Samatha's parents are not quite happy with the wedding and this is the reason most of her relatives have not been seen in her wedding. Recently, a picture went viral where we can see Samatha's parents posing with the couple during the wedding.


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To rubbish the rumours, Samantha revealed saying "My parents lead a very simple life and they don't even watch films. It may be a surprise, but my parents are not aware that I am a big actress in South Indian cinema".

She also added, "My parents knew that Naga Chaitanya is my best friend. They are quite comfortable that I am getting married to my best friend and becoming the daughter-in-law of the great Akkinenis." 

During the weekend we saw some beautiful pictures posted on Samantha's Instagram page, where we can saw the couple posing with their friends and family members at a party. The party was organised by Chay's mother Lakshmi Daggubati and her husband, Sharath Vijayaraghavan.