Superstar Hrithik Roshan recently came across a post on social media which showed an ENT surgeon by the name of Arup Senapati in Assam dancing on one of his songs in front of COVID patients to make them feel happy.

Dr. Syed Faizan Ahmad said, "Meet my #COVID duty colleague Dr. Arup Senapati an ENT surgeon at Silchar medical college Assam.
Dancing in front of COVID patients to make them feel happy

#COVID19 #Assam"

Seeing the video, the actor shared it on his page saying,
“Tell Dr. Arup I'm gonna learn his steps and dance as good as him someday in Assam. Terrific spirit."

Truly touched by the actor’s response, Dr. Arup replied saying, "I can't teach steps to my hero, I learned everything by watching a video of you, MJ and Prabhudeva... Lots of love️ Hrithik Sir"

Previously, the actor had also shown immense gratitude and appreciation for teachers and workers.

Hrithik leaves no chance to applaud and encourage good talent and those who do kind things. He is always encouraging people to follow their passion, be kind, and work towards achieving their dreams.

He has danced on some of Bollywood's most famous dance numbers and created a trend of hook-steps with his moves. Known for his dancing too, the actor makes sure he acknowledges talent whenever he comes across any. And we see that happening quite often.