The anchor-turned-actress Rashmi Gautham of Tollywood fame is popular for sharing her views on current topics. According to her, people are not taking the issue of coronavirus seriously. Rashmi said that it’s too early to make any comment on the intensity of coronavirus and asked people to stop making TikTok videos and jokes on the issue. They are brimming with overconfidence that nothing would happen to them, she said.



Rashmi Gautham also suggested the people must take precautionary measures to prevent the deadly virus – COVID-19  – and to take note of the symptoms.  She also shared a controversial tweet regarding coronavirus on Twitter, which is going viral. Interstate travel cannot be stopped but with the rise in the number of positive cases, all domestic airports should provide basic precautionary measures, the actress said.


The actress also said, "Could you please point out what are those adequate measures being taken at the @RGIAHyd domestic terminal?" She pointed this soon after Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIAhyd) tweeted claiming that adequate measures have been taken amid coronavirus outbreak.