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Newly married Indonesian couples not allowed to use toilet for 3 days

  • The newly married Indonesian couples follow a very strange ritual after wedding
  • The newly wed couple is not allowed to go to the bathroom
Bizarre: Newly married Indonesian couples are not allowed to use toilet for 3 days


In a ridiculously bizarre traditional ritual, newly married Indonesian couples are barred from using toilet for three complete days post their wedding. This is an old Indonesian ritual which forbids the newly married couple from using the toilets by locking them inside a room for three complete days and nights. 


What's even more shocking is that the groom and the bride are given very little water and food items during these three days. A constant watch is kept on the couple so that they don't break this tradition. 


Indonesians believe that this successful house arrest forms a strong bond between the couple and is also believed to produce happy, healthy babies. 


Now that's one reason why no we would ever want to fall in love with an Indonesian person! Sigh!