Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan is making headlines again as she has filed a sexual harassment and extortion case against a priest. 

As reported by a leading newspaper, Arshi is now mired in another controversy where a priest named Pandit Ramesh Joshi had filed a complaint against her, accusing her of not returning him the money she had borrowed from him two years ago.

A report stated, Ramesh reportedly said that on December 5, 2015, Arshi came to his temple with her manager Flynn Remedios. She told him that she was in dire need of money as someone had stolen her purse and mobile phone. Ramesh gave her Rs 40,000 when she asked him for money for her medical treatment.


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But soon after getting money from Ramesh, Arshi didn’t visit the temple and even stopped responding to his phone calls. Later, Arshi notified the pandit that she would return his money as soon as she gets her dues from the producers. But she never returned it even after several requests made by Ramesh. Now, the priest filed a complaint against the starlet in Samta Nagar police station in Mumbai to recover his money. 

In an interview, Pandit Ramesh said, "Arshi was like my daughter; I helped her in a time of distress, but she broke my trust. I seek the police's intervention so I can get my money back." 


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Firing a counter-allegation, Arshi filed a complaint against the priest of sexual harassment and extortion. In her complaint, she alleged that Ramesh referred to her as his daughter, but he used to touch her inappropriately.

In an interview, with the newspaper Arshi's publicist Flynn told: "The allegation is completely baseless. Arshi does not owe any money to Ramesh Joshi, he is just trying to extort her. The police have not informed us of any complaint. We will soon file a complaint against Pandit Ramesh, as he is spreading rumours and harassing Arshi."