Bigg Boss is a show that is never short of excitement, entertainment and high-drama right from the word go! From the first episode itself, viewers see the dynamics between the contestants take shape, as alliances are formed and new rivalries are created between the housemates.

The first week in 2021 begins with a bang, as Arshi Khan takes on Rubina Dilaik. Arshi accuses Rubina of being Ms Goody-two-shoes. Arshi constantly pursues Rubina around the house and tells her that her conduct during the nominations has been completely unacceptable. 

Arshi also throws a challenge at Rubina that she will make sure Rubina will not emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss 14. Rubina lashes back at Arshi saying that she is picking up fights just to garner eyeballs. Rakhi, also, reminds Arshi that the nominations also included Aly, Jasmin and Abhinav who had a major say in the proceedings. While Rakhi blames Arshi as someone who is scared of standing up to other contestants, Rubina says that Arshi is fake!

Rakhi Sawant now has a serious problem. She shares that she is missing her mystery husband, whom she has not seen 18 months! Abhinav, Rubina and Sonali have fun listening to Rakhi’s hysterics as Rakhi recounts all the times her husband has refused to meet her and how she feels extremely lonely! Rakhi even confesses later to Bigg Boss that she wants to have her husband step up and acknowledge their ‘marriage’! She also reveals her feelings for Abhinav and admits her one-way relationship with Abhinav!