In Baahubali, Ramya Krishnan plays a powerful character called Rajamata Sivagami Devi, the Queen Mother, and Sathyaraj plays Kattappa, a loyal servant to her. But this viral video paints a different picture altogether.

The textile giant Pothys has created an ad in which Sathyaraj and Ramya are seen playing the role of a royal couple. This ad is seriously just too cute to handle. Sathyaraj has been the main brand ambassador for the brand for a few years now. Here he plays a ruler of a dynasty set in Tamil Nadu, who never denies his queen Ramya's desire to shop at a particular textile showroom. They both play husband and wife, and the ad has resurfaced on the Internet. 


In the video, Ramya being upset over the things that are happening in their kingdom. But a charming Kattappa comes up with a sweet solution to make his queen happy.He gets her a silk saree from her favorite textile shop. 

If you guys still haven’t watched this hilarious video yet, then check it out right away!